New Products

PAMTECH, is pleased to feature the Pamtech LTA1402 Four Port L-Band Drop-In Circulator.

The model LTA1402 provides insertion loss phase tracking of 5° maximum from port 2 to port 3 with insertion loss of 0.4 dB max. The device provides more than 23 dB of isolation from port 4-3 and port 2-1.  Isolation is more than 50 dB from port 1-4 and port 3-2.  The model LTA1402 design combines 2 circulators in a single package.

The LTA1402 is best fit for radar applications.
The shielded steel chassis dimensions are 1.85″ x 3.937″ x 1.457.
Power handling is 5 kilowatts of peak power.


PAMTECH is currently supplying 4-12 GHz I solators to the Alma Project in the Netherlands and Japan.

Subject Isolators are also being used by numerous universities both domestic and international for Quantum (Cloud) computing research and development with excellent results.


PAMTECH is also in the process of developing state-of-the-art,  4-12 GHz Circulators for many additional applications.

We solicit your input for any unique applications that you may have in the near future.