General Questions

What is warranty duration?
12 months after the shipping date. See our warranty policy.

What is Return Policy
If a product is out of the 12 month warranty period the customer must fill out a RMA /SRA request form detailing the reasons or causes for the return. See our warranty policy.

Upon receiving the completed RMA /SRA form, the sales department will issue an RMA / SRA number to the customer if PAMTECH agrees with the warranty responsibility.

Then the customer will issue a PO and return the products with the appropriate RMA / SRA number clearly marked on the package and shipper.

Does PAMTECH provide customer modifications to existing product lines?

Credit Card Orders and Payments
Yes. We take Visa, Master Card, and American Express.

I’m looking for a part but I don’t see it on your website.
You can call sales at 310.320.1111 or e-mail to sales@quinstar.com, or you can send us Request for Quote.

Do you offer custom components?
Yes. About 40% of our product shipments are custom parts. PAMTECH, Inc. can custom tune the component to your required specifications. In other cases, we may need to modify or completely redesign a product to meet your needs.

Please contact sales@quinstar.com to find out if our custom engineering capability will meet your needs.

What is a minimum order?

Do you sell direct to customers?
Within the USA: Yes, we accept customer inquiries and can sell directly to customers within in the USA or it’s territories.

International: For International customer inquiries, you may contact us directly and we can help direct you to our International Sales Representative in your area. If we do not have a representative in your region, we will handle your inquiry directly.

How do I request a quote?
Phone 310.320.1111 or sales@quinstar.com, or you can send us Request for Quote.

How do I place an order?
Phone fax or email. If you are a new customer, please fill out a credit application and provide credit references. Orders will be entered on credit only if the credit is approved by the accounting department.

How can I order High power Handling Components?
Same as others.

What is Multi-function Integration using Off-the-shelf Component?
The quickest way of prototyping a multi-function assembly is to assemble a group of standard single function products. We are routinely able to make multi-function assembly in 60 to 90 days.

Can I Design Your Own Products?
We are happy to design new / custom products based on customer’s specification. This type of work will require NRE from customer to cover the cost of development.

What are the directions to PAMTECH?
24045 Garnier St. Torrance, CA 90505 U.S.A.

How do I schedule a tour of PAMTECH?
Phone 310.320.1111 or sales@quinstar.com.



Do you require an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number?
Yes, PAMTECH requires RMA numbers on all returns. RMA numbers are obtained by either calling PAMTECH at 310.3201111 or e-mailing PAMTECH at sales@quinstar.com. Please have the following information available when requesting an RMA #:

  • The model number and serial number of the unit.
  • The model and serial numbers of any accessories being returned with the unit.
  • A technical contact.
  • A detailed description of the reason for return (include any data with the return that shows the problem).

Where do I send items being returned to PAMTECH?
All packages should be sent to:
24045 Garnier Street
Please mark the package to the attention RMA #.

If outside the United States whom do I contact for sales and service?
Outside the United States you should contact your local distributor, found here.

Who is responsible for shipping charge if purchased outside of United States?
When a unit is returned from outside the United States the customer is responsible for all shipping charges (incoming and return) as well as all custom fees and duties.