About Us

PAMTECH / Passive Microwave Technology was founded in April 1976 by George Grund, with a singular focused dedication to both inovation and quality, PAMTECH quickly became the leading supplier of high performance ferrite devices.

PAMTECH designs, manufactures and tests a complete selection of narrow Band and Broadband Coaxial and Wave-Guide Ferite Devices for all desgin applications whether DC or AC up to 45GHz. PAMTECH also provides a singluar solution to many radio astronomy science as well as quantum computing research fields. PAMTECH is a known world wide leader of in the production and design of cryogenic isolators/circulators.

PAMTECH customers span the reaches of the globe and include the Department of Defense, aerospace companies, major universities, research scientists, as well as defense contactors.

PAMTECH believes that only the highest degree of quality and reliability is acceptable to our customers, and this belief is faithfully reflected in every product we deliver. One particular way in which this is done, is by allowing for client-made custom designs, and then completing the design according to the client’s specifications.

PAMTECH has accomplished this with great success for research as well as aerospace companies and other commercial uses. After Mr. Grund passed away unexpectedly in April 2010, QuinStar agreed to acquire PAMTECH’s assets and to retain its former employees in order to assure the continued operation of the company. PAMTECH, as well as all of its operations, were relocated to Torrance, California on June 1, 2010.

The newly formed QuinStar / PAMTECH subsidiary will continue George Grund’s tradition of innovative and superior microwave component design, as well as support legacy PAMTECH products into the future. Though having been acquired by QuinStar and thus brought under its wing, PAMTECH still retains George Grund’s vision and has both the freedom and opportunity to continue grow.